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Värmlands län - ICA Lundby livs, iCA Lundby livs, värmlands län, Sweden. Swedish maker of dollshouses and miniature furniture for the mass market. It was renamed as the 'Småland' dolls house in 2006. You also get playful stickers to decorate your house with! At the tail end of the 1960s Lundby adapted the Gothenburg design to create a cheaper, unelectrified house with wider market appeal, called the 'Economy' house. Later models (19671969) reduced the height of the chimney (0.75 to its present-day size. Welcome home to the new Lundby Creative doll's house, a fun house where you can let your imagination run wild! With the fun wallsets, you turn your doll's house into a shopping centre or a fun party house! Thursday: 9:00 AM 7:00 PM, friday: 9:00 AM 6:00 PM, saturday: 10:00 AM 2:00. Convenience Store, Supermarket no reviews, photo ICA Lundby livs, Arvika, Arvika, Varmland County, Sweden.

Meil on kahju, et pead selle läbi tegema, kuid vta palun 5 sekundit ning täida ära see captcha, et saaksid oma tegevust jätkata. The number of rooms were the same as the Gothenburg but reversed; so the ground floor had two and the first floor three rooms. It has a basic rectangular shape with a bright red pitched roof, a blue painted frame and paper brickwork on the outside. History and house styles edit, the Lundby house from the early 1950s was the earliest style of house produced. It is easy to distinguish between early and later versions of this house during the 1960s. Rival dollshouse manufacturer Lerro produced houses in the same style and dimensions; however the roof, frame and brickwork were different colours to that of the Lundby model.

ica lundby

Kommentar: html är inte tillåtet. Lundby livs, Lundby, Mangskog, 67196 Värmlands Län. Map data 2012 Google. ICA Lundby livs Arvika sihtnumber 671.

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