Har tidvatten surge stack BFA

har tidvatten surge stack BFA

row: Surge of Power, when looking at the whole sum of changes made to Elemental Shaman this expansion, we feel that some of the passive talent choices werent holding up well, and had no interaction with how you played. But please don't forget about frostshock. Stormkeeper change is awesome as well. If I have two Seismic Wave traits will the damage increase by 2X? Please keep in mind that both of these new talents, as well as all of the other changes, are still under iteration and may change entirely throughout the patch.1.0 PTR cycle. Mistweaver Talents, added tags and rewritten. Finally catch up in ffxiv or get some ships to tier X on WoWS or just play some old DOS games. Why not allow it to proc High Voltage, Unimited Power and also proc 2 Master of Elements buffs (increasing the damage of it by 40) since EB is frost, fire and nature spell.

They stack but differently depending on the trait. I was said that traits stacks differently than x dmg to y ability or x absorb shield. I know for sure that the shield traits are stacking.

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If I were a Game Dev and would read the forums, I would be laughing and nerfing everyone to the ground just to piss you off. That is the real question, and at what point is stack it better or worse than something else that is lower on the list. Elemental Shaman is the only lightning based spell caster. Eye of the twisting nether legendary ring effect: increasing by 2 dmg each type of elemental dmg(fire, earth,frost). And again, learn to adapt.

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