Studentportalen hig

studentportalen hig

can add content to the course section page, joint section page and programme page. Contact your department's, selma contact person if you encounter any of the following: The course/course section does not appear in the Student Portal; The course syllabus or course literature does not appear; The curriculum or programme statement for the programme does not appear; and/or. Click on Course evaluation overview in the menu. My submission Your submitted files appear under My submission.

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Is tracked by us since April, 2011.

Note that departmental messages are not shown for each course section for administrators but rather on the Starting page in the Portal, whereas the student sees them on his/her course page. This means that the functions are left but grouped in fixed menu blocks in alphabetical order. Note: If the same "link is used in multiple places in the portal,.g. Here you can change the name of the discussion forum and whether the displaying of the discussion forum is to be limited in some way. From the tab Education Overviews Department page: Open the department start page. This Student history is accessible via the Education Student history tab. Adding questions in marking support Select the number of questions via the dropdown menu and click. Their starting page shows messages posted programme and programme specialization via bulletin boards.

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