Bästa lekplats i stockholm

bästa lekplats i stockholm

coffe from Dello sport just across the street while the kids are playing! From the top you have a perfect view of City Hall and Kungsholmen isl. Läs mer Björnö Nature Reserve is a stunningly beatuful place. Here you can just take a walk by the beach, rent a canoe, rent a boatcycle, have picnic or play minigolf.

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Green park with playground and picnic site. Just outside the door. On top there is a lovely view and a cool fortress building Climb up with some take away coffee or a bottle of wine and look out over Stockholm. Vem har byggt den? Close to Mall of scandinavia Walk a long the lakes, watch birds and make a stop at gröna stugan for some lunch 15 lokala Airbnb-värdar rekommenderar A great place close to our home to bring your kids to! En plats jag inte besökt på många år är Balsberget. The most popular place for bbq during summer. Nice walk or run around the Råstalake(Råstasjön) and the Lötlake(Lötsjön). Just around the corner and fantastic for children! Frågor Svar, vilka stationer är närmst Utsiktstornet Årsta lekplats? 14 lokala Airbnb-värdar rekommenderar Råstasjön Lake Beautiful lake and nature, indoor and outdoor gym, near the Friends Arena International Stadium in Räsunda (Solna).

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bästa lekplats i stockholm