Pistolet lancaster 4 kanoner

pistolet lancaster 4 kanoner

stopping power than the contemporary BeaumontAdams and Colt Navy revolvers, making it ideal for colonial warfare. In film edit A double barreled Lancaster howdah pistol with a unique spring loaded blade is the weapon of the big game hunter Remington in The Ghost and the Darkness. 7, it was highly prized by hunters and explorers for close range defense against big game such as tigers or cape buffalo. A few were still in use as late as World War I, and they were well known to be solidly built and easy to maintain. What was needed was a heavy lead bullet that would lodge in their body and bring them down. 6, it had a faster rate of fire than the standard-issue. Contents, description edit, it was a modernised version of the pepper-box pistol popular in the early-mid 19th century. 13 It was eventually displaced by the various Webley revolvers in the late 19th century, as revolvers became more reliable and faster to reload, thus removing many of the advantages of the multi-barrel design. Howdah to High Power. 4 One famous user was the photographer and film maker 11 Lieutenant Colonel John Montague Benett Stanford (1870-1947 12 who killed a Sudanese Ansar with a Lancaster pistol while working as a war correspondent at the Battle of Omdurman. During the 1850s he invented oval bore rifling and the gas check bullet.

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Tucson, Arizona: Excalibur Publications, 2002. 14 References edit John Henry Walsh, The Modern Sportsman's Gun and Rifle: Including Game and Wildfowl Guns, Sporting and Match Rifles, and Revolvers (Cox, London, 1884) Page 439 * Maze, Robert. 5, the unique oval rifling also enabled it to hotell i lund nära sjukhuset fire.410 shotgun shells. 4, unlike these earlier guns, which had percussion cap ignition the Lancaster was chambered for the more modern brass cartridges. When facing charging tribesmen like the Zulus or Ansar (the so-called Sudanese Dervishes more modern ammunition tended to go straight through the enemy who would keep going.