Västtrafikkort göteborg plus

västtrafikkort göteborg plus

top up your card with more than one period ticket at the same time, it is important to remember that each period ticket is subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time it is activated. 24-hour and 72-hour paper tickets become valid at the time of purchase and cannot be exchanged. E6 mot Uddevalla / Oslo, e6 mot Varberg / Malmö, västerleden / Söderleden.

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Biljetten måste aktiveras inom 180 dagar från köpet annars är den förbrukad. Västtrafik has the responsibility, but the actual operation of traffic, including employment of staff and ownership of vehicles is done by separate operators. The system allows riders to estimate when a tram or bus will be leaving from the next stop in real time. A period ticket can be refunded if Västtrafik changes the transport services available. Boats and trams are owned filosofi cirkeln lund and operated by the respective municipality. For period tickets in the Västtrafik To Go app, you select the activation date, which must be within the next 30 days, at the time of purchase.

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