Isa linköping Norge

isa linköping Norge

be traced from 1266. Religious centers tend to become educational centers, and Linköping was no exception. Today the city is a center of high-technology and software industry. The monastery of Vreta Kloster near Roxen north of Linköping was established in 1128, and the oldest parts of the cathedral are also from the 12th century (although it has been changed many times since then, the eye-catching tower with copper roofing being a 19th-century. Bosnia and Herzegovina 667 6 Culture edit The headquarters of regional utilities company, Tekniska Verken, at Stångebro Linköping offers a wealth of leisure activities to people of all ages.

isa linköping Norge

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Linköping is the center of an old cultural region and celebrated its 700th anniversary in 1987. Programmes autumn 2019, programme catalogue, this website uses cookies. Norrköping, roughly 40 kilometres (25 mi) to the east near the sea. Detsember, jaanuar, veebruar, märts, aprill, mai, juuni. Lionga ting assembly which according to, medieval Scandinavian laws was the most important thing in Östergötland. The city continues to lack a first-class men's team in football with several teams competing in the lower leagues. It is situated on the main southern railway line connecting Stockholm with Malmö and Danish capital Copenhagen. Our students appreciate the international atmosphere on campus as well as the easy access to committed teachers who are experts in their field.