Nyx stockholm gift set stövlar

nyx stockholm gift set stövlar

barely had any make. . The New York City Set was also one of my favorites. The colors in this palette were very pink to the point that I thought the colors would be too light to show up on my skin. . Like I said this to me is more of a night time look because of the black that is included in the palette but I still favor this palette some of the other ones in which the eyeshadows are less pigmented. I also like the red color lip shade but it also does not seem to vibe well with the eye shadows. . The colors were a lot calmer and I tend to like bolder colors.

The lighter lip color could be a hit or miss with darker skin, but it was a hit with me and I did not even have to use lip liner or anything to make it blend. And the blush was also not very pigmented and did not show up well on my skin. The Stockholm palette is better used for a more natural day time and on a lighter skin tone. Bobbi Boss Nadine (TT4/2724 this make up palette was the one that I thought I would enjoy the most, but that was not the case. So I thought the London palette would be the same. . The darker color is like a darker purple and the glitter gold color is like a greenish gold. . In any case when I saw this city sets I knew that I wanted them. All the palettes are themed after a city. . Overall, I like these city sets. . While the Santiago needs more cohesiveness with the colors. . NYX is one of my favorite brands that are affordable and that is high quality. I also love this packaging because it really is ideal for traveling. .